About Blackbird

Wine Bar and Charcuterie in Anacortes, WA

About the owner

I am a Teacher, Teacher Trainer, and Academic Director.  I originally hail from the city of Milwaukee but moved to Anacortes in my late teens and left after university. I then worked and studied abroad for most of my adult life mainly in the UK, Tunisia, and Hong Kong.

While living abroad I often sought places of comfort and many of which were wonderful restaurants, pubs, and wine bars. These places not only offered an aesthetic quality but more importantly it brought the people I love together. I had many unforgettable experiences as well as some I’d rather forget! It was here where food, drinks, and conversations solidified a strong bond. 

I’m fascinated by what brings people together and from what I discovered is that genuine conversations tend to be the first ingredient. It’s my hope that all of you will nurture or develop new relationships while enjoying delicious cheese and charcuterie, not to forget the wine!